Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rose-ringed Parakeet

Originally imported into Japan as a pet, the Wakakehonsei-inko (Rose-ringed Parakeet) has been observed in the wild since 1965. Today, they are seen widely across the Tokyo area, but roost in their largest numbers (400-700 individulas) at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Okayama campus); which has set up a web site and study group.

Occasionally, they even make it out to the Kanagawa region, where we saw 4 individuals flying near the Sagamihara Housing Area for the US Army Japan.

The Wakakehonsei-inko Page - Tokyo Institute of Technology

2006 Japan Bird Count: 117 Species


Blogger Nick said...

Hello, this morning I was walking along the Sagami river and I saw quite a few birds that, I did not recognise. This is understandable as I am no birder and have only lived here a few months (I am from England originally). I'd just been looking on the internet to get any information on the Sagami and came across your site. I saw that you had a little success whne you visited back in January of this year. I will have to check your list of birds with wikipedia, to see what I may have seen today. I noticed that you did not list any Falcons on your visit and I though you might be interested to know that I saw two large eagles (again I have no idea what breed) courched in the morning sun. I also had a lousy camera with me and so could only get tiny silhouettes of them against the morning sky. The only other thing I could tell you is that they were probably not a mating pair as one briefly attacked the other. I should also say that this was from Ebina city and while there is lots of littering on our stretch of the river it was quite interesting all the same. Nick (

3:39 PM  
Blogger Tokyo Birder said...


Thanks for your words. With the new baby, we don't get out bird watching as much as we did earlier in the year. Hopefully next year...

If you're going to be birding even semi-seriously while you're in Japan, grab a hold of the books I mention in the following post...


Were the eagles you saw Black Kites? The Japanese word for these are Tobi. These are the most common raptors I see on the Sagamigawa. Easily recognizeable just by the wedge-shaped tail alone.

Good luck. Might bump into on the river one day :)

6:59 PM  

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